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I need to get up, but I can’t! To precious! #sleepykitty #mybaby
My favorite people! Love them bunches! #littlesister #boyfriend #bestfriend 😊❤️
My life. #merchflow #yikes @aerosouthland
Id have to say, this fishing trip was pretty awesome! So much fun boating & fishing out on Lake Erie with Kyle & his family! #bass #walleye #sheephead #boyfriend #charterboat 🐟👍🐠🎣
Seen this & it cracked me up! Hahhaa @rachel_babby this is what happen to is! #nailedit
Kyle picked me these flowers on our little nature walk yesterday & made me a bouquet than made a vase out of a water bottle, put rocks in it & filled it with water. How cute is he. So creative. It’s honestly the little things that count! #lovehim #adorable 💕💐
So…this was what I walked into when one of my managers, @jasecash was trying to get the window clings from the bottom of the box! Hahhaa! I seriously love my Aero family & all the crazy things that go on around there. #lovethem #Aéropostale @aerosouthland #home
My brothers kitty & my kitty are finally getting along. So precious! #Sonja #Blaze #meow
I had my little babies all weekend & I miss them already. Seriously don’t know what I would do without these little peanuts. It’s hard enough that they have been traveling so much. Can’t wait till there home in August. I love these two cuties more than anyone would ever know. #cousins #precious